About Flywire

What is Flywire?

Flywire is a global payments and software company. They focus on streamlining complex, important payments worldwide. Their unique approach, known as the Flywire Advantage, combines a next-gen payments platform, a proprietary payment network, and specialized software. This combo is designed to simplify the payment process globally.

Why Should Treasurers Care?

As a treasurer, Flywire is a game-changer. It’s all about efficiency and ease in handling global transactions. With their advanced technology and global reach, they can help manage and streamline international payments, a critical aspect of modern treasury operations. This means less hassle, more accuracy, and better financial management for businesses operating internationally.

Which Companies Should Connect with Flywire?

If your company deals with international payments or receivables, especially in sectors like education, healthcare, travel, or B2B, Flywire is a must-consider. Their expertise in handling transactions across 240 countries and in over 140 currencies makes them ideal for businesses looking to simplify and secure their global financial transactions.

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Who to Connect With at Flywire?

For specific contacts, it’s best to reach out to Flywire directly. Given their presence in key global locations and diverse team, you’ll likely find someone who can tailor their services to your specific needs.

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Global Payment Solutions

Ideal for companies dealing with international transactions.

Specialized Software

Tailored solutions for different sectors.

Ease of Use

Simplifies and secures global financial operations.