LinkedIn tips and tricks

LinkedIn is a necessary tool that has become synonymous with the type of job we do. Of course, when we all think about LinkedIn, we think about job hunting or getting headhunted. But it can be so much more than this. It is your window to the world which can always be viewed by all stakeholders – managers, colleagues, friends, family, clients, etc… It is your personal advertising billboard. So, to only invest time on it when you are on the hunt for a new job could mean taking a serious career risk. Your LinkedIn profile is an ever-evolving embodiment of your skills and experiences.

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10 key steps

Increasingly employers are looking at your online presence to understand more about your potential as a new hire. Over two-thirds of hiring managers look at a candidate’s LinkedIn profile before making their decision. Having a LinkedIn profile that showcases your unique qualities may be the deciding factor in getting an interview.

In our experience, a stand-out LinkedIn profile has a powerful, attention-grabbing headline that really sums up your potential as a candidate. It includes your photo and uses storytelling elements to really engage a recruiter or hiring manager. Your LinkedIn profile can also be a valuable source of social proof, with past colleagues and managers able to recommend you and validate your skills on your profile.

To delve deeper into the ideal LinkedIn profile, we’ve crafted 10 key steps to creating a powerful LinkedIn Profile.

Our 10 step guide

Create a Powerful Headline

Your Headline is one of the most important parts of your profile.

Other than your name, it is the first piece of data that people will see.

By default, LinkedIn populates your headline with your current job title and employer

BUT this field is fully customizable.

You should take full advantage of this to show how amazing you are!

Remember, it’s not just about you building your network or you looking for a job here, it’s about you positioning yourself as a leading Treasurer, standing out amongst your peers, your bosses, your colleagues.

Exercise (Tip 1) – 5 Minutes

So, what I would like you to do now is to have a think about your own headline…

Make a list of all your specific skills so whether that be your system knowledge, what regions you cover, what else makes you unique?

Then choose the top two or three which you feel most important to highlight and then work them into a headline of no more than 120 characters.