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The CFO’s Guide to recruiting a Treasurer

Your organisation needs the best possible treasury talent to grow and scale your business with a strong financial outlook. Treasury Recruitment has created this guide specifically for CFOs based on our decades of experience.

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Early Stage Articles

Employer Advice
10th Sep 20

How to Write an Effective Job Description

To help our clients, attract treasury staff we often support them in evaluating and generally rewriting their Job Descriptions. We encounter three major mistakes in the Job Descriptions that we rec...

Early Stage Videos

Early Stage Podcasts

12th May

Steps to Treasury Success with Gary McGuire

Gary McGuire, VP and Treasurer of Dow Inc., shares insights on treasury career progression, challenges faced by treasurers in a corporate like Dow, the importance of bank relationships, and tips for competing for treasury roles in...
Gary McGuireMike Richards
34 min listen
Gary McGuire
28th July

How to Become a Group Treasurer with John Fulton

Learn from former Interim Group Treasurer John Fulton about his 20 years of global finance experience, insights on navigating the treasury field, the impact of COVID-19, the recruitment process, the influence of technology, and ca...
Mike Richards
36 min listen
Mike Richards
27th October

How to Evolve Your Treasury Team with George Dessing

George Dessing, Executive VP of Treasury and Risk at Wolters Kluwer, discusses the evolving nature of treasury, the company's unique working philosophy, the importance of personal development for treasurers, and key insights for a...
Mike Richards
30 min listen
Mike Richards
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Mid Stage Articles

Employer Advice
29th May 24

It’s Not About You Anymore, It’s About Them!

Remember what it was like when you were looking for your last role? It’s time to think about that experience and put your candidates first. A lot of my clients don't have that thought process...
Employer Advice
31st Oct 20

Why choose The Treasury Recruitment Company?

‘Mike knows my achievements and the clients who need me.’ An interview with Stephen Long; Ex Group Treasurer, Williams Lea Tag How did you and Mike Richards, CEO of The Treasury Recruitment Co...

Mid Stage Videos

Mid Stage Podcasts

23rd June

How to Progress your Treasury Career with Petra Rosenauer

Petra Rosenauer, Head of Corporate Treasury EMEA at Flextronics International, discusses the evolution of treasury roles in a global setting, emphasizing the importance of mentorship, listening to diverse perspectives, and adaptin...
Mike Richards
28 min listen
Mike Richards
8th September

Key Tips for Progressing in Treasury with Doug Knebel

Doug Knebel, Director of Treasury Operations at AVX, shares insights on the importance of consistency, building relationships with bankers, and immersing oneself within the company as a treasurer, emphasizing the value of mentorsh...
Mike Richards
41 min listen
Mike Richards
12th October

How to Progress in Treasury with Kim Masucci

Kim Masucci, Treasury Director at Otis Elevator Co., shares insights from her 20-year treasury career, including operational roles in FX, intercompany lending, domestic cash management, and board presentations, offering valuable t...
Mike Richards
27 min listen
Mike Richards
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Closing Stage Articles

Employer Advice
30th Oct 17

Attracting candidates to your treasury job

What Do Treasury Candidates Want? The current political and economic landscape has created a certain amount of trepidation amongst treasury candidates. Let’s face it, treasury professionals prefer...
Employer Advice
4th Feb 20

Don’t Interview Like This!

Adopting an intelligent interview strategy during any hiring process is critical to success. Here is an example where one of our clients got it very wrong and nearly lost out on their perfect candi...

Closing Stage Videos

Closing Stage Podcasts

7th April

Structuring High-Performing Treasury Teams with Marriann Bullard

Former Assistant Treasurer Marriann Bullard shares insights on treasury team structures, coaching, technological advancements, and the importance of networking in a 32-year treasury career, emphasizing the value of mentorship, sta...
Mike Richards
33 min listen
Mike Richards
14th July

How to Diversify Your Skills as a Treasurer with Anthony Buchanan

Anthony Buchanan, Treasurer at Asahi Breweries Europe Ltd, shares insights on building successful treasury teams, emphasizing the importance of relationship building, diverse skills, and adaptability in navigating challenges like...
Mike Richards
39 min listen
Mike Richards
10th November

Leading a Dynamic & Diverse Global Treasury Team with Tomer Amitai

Diversifying skills and managing a team across three disciplines are crucial skills shared by Tomer Amitai, the SVP at Teva Pharmaceuticals, as discussed on the Treasury Career Corner podcast, highlighting the importance of educat...
Mike Richards
27 min listen
Mike Richards

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