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The Global Recruitment Pipeline Doesn’t Exist

As a global treasury recruiter with over 20 years of experience, I have often heard about the “Global Recruitment Pipeline”.

This pipeline is supposed to allow globally mobile candidates to showcase their skills and talents on a global financial recruitment stage. But after years of working in the industry, I can tell you that it’s simply not true.


The Global Recruitment Pipeline doesn’t work, and it doesn’t exist.

We receive around 10 to 15 in-bound inquiries every week from candidates who are interested in taking their next career step.

They consist of professionals from the UK and Europe looking to work in the US, candidates from the US wanting to work in Europe, and professionals from Australia, Asia Pacific, India, and Latin America seeking opportunities elsewhere.

I understand why these candidates are eager to move to other countries, as the global treasury profession requires a deep understanding of international markets and transferable skills that can be applied anywhere in the world. However, I often disappoint them when I have to explain the reality of the situation.

We cannot help them with work visas. It is against the law and goes against both employment and work permit / visa regulations. While governments within the EU allow for mobility within the region, citizens of the US can only work within their own country. The same applies to other regions like Australasia, India, and Latin America.

If an employer sponsors a candidate, then they can move, but it would be an internal move, not an external one.

When candidates ask me if I can help them get a work visa, I must tell them no. I would love to help, but it’s simply not possible.

However, I can offer some good news. There is a local talent pipeline that exists within regions like the EU, US, and Canada. It doesn’t go transatlantic unless a candidate already has a pre-existing visa. In Australia, Asia Pacific, India, and Latin America, a candidate can work for a limited time on a temporary work visa, but eventually, they will have to leave.

As a recruiter, I can place candidates globally within their respective regions, but I can only place them where they have the legal right to work. If you need any advice or more information about the current situation with working visas, I am here to help.

Follow any of the links I have provided for more information from more educated sources.

In conclusion, while globally recognized skills and talents are valuable in the treasury profession, the limitations of work visas ultimately restrict a professional’s career opportunities. But there is a local talent pipeline that exists within regions, and I am here to help place you in the right position, within the limits of your legal right to work.

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