The global pipelineSince I started my Treasury Recruitment career over 20 years ago, I have been told about a mythical Recruitment Global Recruitment Pipeline.

This is where globally mobile candidates are able to take their skills and talents and apply them on the global financial recruitment stage.

Well I am here to tell you that, it’s not TRUE!!!

It Doesn’t WORK, In Fact It Doesn’t EXIST

Am I just trying to be argumentative just so that I can grab a headline which could increase my readership and hits on LinkedIn Pulse?

No I’m not.

As a Global Treasury Recruiter I am contacted by 40 to 50 candidates per week asking whether or not we can help them with their next career move. Out of the 50 usually about 80% are from outside of the UK.

The typical mix consists of:

  • Candidates from the UK & Europe wanting to work in the US
  • Candidates from the US wanting to work in Europe
  • Candidates from Australia, Asia Pacific, India and Latin America wanting to work elsewhere

Can we help them move roles? Yes!

Can we help them to get a work VISA? Nooooooooo!

It is against the law! It’s against the employment law and also against the work permit / visa law.

The governments in these countries within the EU allow you to move and work anywhere in the EU.

If you are a US citizen, you are able to work anywhere within the US but you cannot come over to the UK or Europe and jump in to another treasury role.

The same applies in other regions such as Australasia, India and Latin America if you want to work elsewhere.

If an employer sponsors you then yes you can move but that is an ‘internal’ rather than an external move.

So if you keep asking me the question – can you help me get a work visa the answer is NO!

Would I like to be able to help you? Yes I Would – It’s In My Interest as a Global Treasury Recruiter!

In order to perform their role, treasury professionals have to have knowledge of the international markets. There are globally recognizable skills which enable them to apply their skills on any continent. If you are a Treasury Manager based in Europe you will need to know about hedging and foreign exchange risk throughout the world.

If you are in the US and you are an International Treasurer you will naturally spend your time focused on the international markets and looking at the different risks. These are transferable skills that are valued and respected. However despite your toolbox of treasury talents and skills your opportunities will always be limited by the work visa regulations of your country of residence and / or birth.



OK Mike what’s the good news? Well a ‘local’ talent pipeline does exist!

The “local” talent pipelines flow throughout the EU but stop at the European borders, the same goes for the US and Canada.

The pipeline doesn’t go transatlantic unless you already have a pre-existing visa.

Similarly with Australia, Asia Pacific, India and Latin America, you can sometimes come and work for a couple of years if it is only on a temporary work visa basis and then you have to leave. Sorry! It’s not our choice.

Global Pipeline –> NO

Local Pipeline –> YES

We are able to recruit on a global scale in each region, we recruit treasury professionals people ‘locally’ we can place you throughout the world but please, please, please remember we can only place you where you have the RIGHT TO WORK.

As always if at any stage you need some friendly free advice you know who to call I am here when you need me you know where I am!

If you need more information about the current situation regarding Working Visa’s follow this link for hopefully some helpful further links from much more educated guys!