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How to Develop a Successful Treasury Department with Nick Taylor


About this episode

The Treasury Career Corner Podcast is back for more treasury talk and discovery! In this episode, I’m delighted to introduce a good friend of mine onto the show, Nick Taylor. Nick is the Global Treasurer and Head of Group Capital & Treasury at Schroders.

Like with all of my guests on the podcast, I was interested in talking to Nick about how he got to where he is now in terms of his treasury career, his present role and where he sees the treasury industry going next.

It’s an intriguing discussion and one that you’re going to find a lot of value from, especially if you’re interested in a similar career in treasury or you’re looking to recruit new treasury talent for your company today.

On the podcast we discussed…

  • How Nick got into his treasury career and found his first job as a Cash Analyst
  • Understanding that preparation for an interview always pays off
  • An insight into how Nick developed his own training and investment strategy and how he balanced the strategy with his developing treasury career
  • Moving from corporate treasury to banking and asset management
  • How treasury in a Financial Services business adds an extra dimension of regulation and with that, comes the added element of capital and liquidity
  • Nick’s advice on how to build a treasury and to recruit treasury talent internally
  • The importance of ensuring your capital provision is 100% adequate within the Financial Services sector
  • What initially attracted Nick to work for Schroders and why he has no intention of leaving any time soon
  • How treasury in Schroders differs from other firms in the way that they don’t have any debt by design, which is a refreshing change for Nick who manages assets rather than debt
  • Why firms need to know how to optimise their investment portfolio
  • The benefits of being held accountable as a treasurer to help identify and deliver the best value possible
  • The importance of having a clear sense of direction and purpose so that everything you do aligns with the firm’s strategic objectives
  • Why leaders need to adjust their management methods depending on individual employees
  • Nick’s top tips for developing a decent CV that grabs the employer’s attention
  • Why job candidates need to have the right attitude and show a positive interest in the company they want to join
  • Nick’s two standout moments in his career so far
  • Understanding that the world of treasury is a rapidly changing place that needs to move with those changes
  • Much more!

If you’d like to find out more about Nick and his role as a Group Treasurer and Head of Capital & Treasury at Schroders, you can visit the website for more information or you can reach out to him via his LinkedIn profile.

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