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Why Networking In Treasury is Your Ticket to Success with Dana Laidhold


About this episode

Women in Treasury month continues here on the Treasury Career Corner podcast and I’m delighted to be joined by Dana Laidhold, the Treasurer at Peloton Interactive based in New York. Peloton Interactive is an exercise equipment and media company founded in 2012. Peloton is reinventing fitness with live boutique studio classes on state-of-the-art equipment, bringing effective, convenient workouts into homes all over the country. Dana is an experienced treasury and finance professional who has previously built a world-class Treasury department for a complex global organisation. She is a strategic and proven results-driven leader as well as a developer of people with diverse backgrounds by coaching and mentoring staff members to achieve their highest potential. Her accomplishments include receiving Treasury Today’s Highly Commended Winner - Woman of the Year Award (2015). On the podcast we discussed…
  • Dana’s journey through different career roles in finance and treasury
  • How Dana and her team dealt with the financial crisis
  • Building a treasury department for a complex global organisation as a private and then public company
  • External pressures following the move from a private to public company
  • The value of networking with treasury professionals at events like the AFP
  • The benefits of having a mentor or coach to help you develop your treasury career
  • Shifting from being the one who needs coaching to mentoring and leading others
  • Why treasurers should try and bring more culture to the profession
  • Key qualities and skills that Dana looks out for when she recruits for senior treasury positions
  • What it was like for Dana to win the “Woman of the Year” award
  • Dana’s experience working with Doorways for Women and Families
  • The importance of finding a treasury role that makes you happy and helps you achieve a perfect work/life balance
  • Dana reflects on the history of her treasury career and predicts the future for the industry
  • Much more!
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