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Mike Richards’ Latest Treasury Recruitment Market Update


About this episode

In this episode of the podcast, I’ve explored the current state of the Treasury Recruitment Market as a whole, some of the key takeaways from 2018 and what we can hope to expect from 2019. On the podcast I discussed...
  • What is the current state of the Treasury Recruitment Market as a whole?
  • How the turbulent economic and political times globally are affecting the Treasury Recruitment Market
  • The effect of Brexit on the UK Treasury Recruitment Market
  • The role of Treasurers in businesses during tough times
  • Where I’ve been recruiting for Treasurers around the world
  • What’s happening in the USA Treasury Market
  • A big video campaign I did for Under Armour
  • What clients are looking for in new Treasury staff
  • If the role of Treasurer will change with the introduction of new technology like Block Cain, Straight Through Processing, and FinTech
  • The role and skills of Treasurers in the past compared to now
  • What it takes to be a modern-day Treasurer
  • Take our Global Salary Survey to assess the salaries of Treasurers worldwide
  • Some of the interesting responses we have had so far
  • Thanks to all who have listened to the podcast and all the clients we have recruited for
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