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Ep. 235 – Why Hybrid Work Is Here to Stay with Bruce Edlund

2022-11-15T09:51:32+00:00November 15th, 2022|

The world has not been the same since COVID first struck in 2020. Back then, many treasurers were adapting to remote work and acclimatising to the challenges of being out of the office. Now, many professionals have returned to the office, either completely or as part of a hybrid working pattern. In this episode [...]

Ep. 234 – Investing in People in Treasury with Gavin Waugh

2022-11-08T09:33:01+00:00November 8th, 2022|

There’s no watertight formula for building a strong, effective treasury team. But every treasury leader has their own ideas on how to cultivate success. This week’s guest on The Treasury Career Corner believes that investing in people, nurturing their capabilities and empowering them to pick up transferrable skills is a surefire way to build [...]

Ep. 230 – Pushing the Boundaries in Treasury with Rebecca Hirschboeck

2022-10-11T09:01:52+01:00October 11th, 2022|

To truly get satisfaction from your treasury career, it’s important to push the boundaries of what you can offer. Rebecca Hirschboeck, Director of Finance – International Treasury at The Kraft Heinz Company, went from being unsure of her career goals to becoming a fully-fledged international treasury professional within 15 years. Rebecca joins The Treasury [...]

Ep. 226 – Why Networking is the Winning Treasury Formula with Dana Laidhold

2022-09-20T08:34:56+01:00September 20th, 2022|

No matter your route into treasury, it’s important to learn new skills quickly and build a solid network. Dana Laidhold, Treasurer at Nasdaq, knows what it’s like to take the plunge into treasury and learn from the ground up. She joins episode 226 of The Treasury Career Corner, where she discusses the early stages [...]

Ep. 224 – Building an Efficient Treasury Team with Steve Rosenthal

2022-09-13T08:28:47+01:00September 13th, 2022|

When you’re building a treasury team, there’s a lot to think about, considering how vital treasury is to operations. That’s what Steve Rosenthal, the Global Treasurer and Managing Director at Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc., explained in this episode of The Treasury Career Corner podcast. Steve originally joined us back in 2020 to discuss the [...]

Ep. 222 – Building a Successful International Treasury Team with Jim McHale

2022-09-09T06:29:31+01:00September 6th, 2022|

Building an effective team of treasurers from all corners of the globe is no easy feat. Somebody who knows that well is Jim McHale, Director, Corporate Treasurer at Reconext.Jim originally joined the podcast back in September 2020, when he reflected on his career to date, explained why a risk management mindset is crucial for treasurers, [...]

Ep. 220 – From Healthcare to Treasury with Benjamin Seal

2022-09-06T09:29:49+01:00August 30th, 2022|

Many a treasurer’s path into the profession is carefully planned, but not always. Some have clear intentions of building a treasury career, while others fall into it. Benjamin Seal, Vice President Treasury Services at Cenveo, is one of the latter. He joins episode 220 of The Treasury Career Corner to discuss his route into [...]

Ep. 218 – Top Tips for Business Success with John Engeman

2022-09-06T09:28:50+01:00August 16th, 2022|

The world of treasury is constantly changing, and it’s important to stay on the ball. While COVID has thrown curveballs, it’s pushed treasury pros to adapt rapidly. In this episode of The Treasury Career Corner, we go through the archives to dust off this 2019 episode with John Engeman. John also returns to discuss [...]

Ep. 216 – Making your Own Treasury Career with Todd Yoder

2022-09-06T09:27:49+01:00August 2nd, 2022|

We’ve reached back into our archives to bring you another brilliant episode from January 2020. This time around we’re looking back at our conversation with Todd Yoder, Senior Managing Director of Global Treasury, Fluor Corporation (NYSE: FLR). We had a fantastic conversation with him about his work ethic, how he got started in treasury [...]

Ep. 215 – From Treasury to M&A to Self-Employment with Johan Nystedt

2022-09-06T09:26:42+01:00July 26th, 2022|

The beauty of working in treasury is that it opens the door to so many different career opportunities. Johan Nystedt, President and Founder of Nystedt Enterprise Solutions LLC, joins The Treasury Career Corner to talk about his journey from treasury to risk management via investor relations and mergers and acquisitions. He provides valuable advice [...]