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Don’t Send Us Your Resume / CV

If you are going to copy your Resume to loads of treasury recruiters and say “Dear Everyone, I am looking for a new role, blah, blah, blah” then PLEASE DO NOT COPY US IN!

This says to us that you are looking for any job, anywhere and don’t care what it is, where it is or who it’s for.

Surely both yours and my time is worth more than a BCC – Blind Carbon Copy email?

DO Send Us Your Resume If…

You want us to find you a role that will take you onward in your career NOT just any job.

You are seeking a treasury position urgently or if you want some helpful constructive treasury recruitment advice.

We are here to help!

Here are some further Do’s & Don’ts….

At the bottom of this article you will find a helpful checklist you can use to support you in your next application.

DON’T Send us your Resume if you are applying for a specific role and your resume isn’t tailored to a role…

It doesn’t take too long to read a job advert and decide what the major pain points or critical areas that a client / recruiter is trying to find from a candidate.

So why not highlight / include them in your CV?

DO Send us your Resume if you have read the Job Advert and have tailored your Resume…

Make it clear why you are suited to a position and highlight why OR rearrange your resume to emphasize the this.

Doing this ensures you get our attention it greatly increases your chances of being considered for a position.

DON’T Send us a cover letter that has fields such as “CONTACT NAME TO BE ADDED”…

Or as I have had previously a cover letter that was titled “Dear To Whom it May Concern” – oh yes I get applications like that, if you don’t care enough to fill in my name why would I consider you for a role?

DO Send me a cover letter that is short, sweet, to-the-point and tells me why you are a great candidate for a position.

Do I need to say more!

DON’T Send me a nicely written cover letter & Resume but at the top of the Resume are the words “I am a flexible, motivated, team worker who is perfect for the role of”…

Generic statements tell me nothing are just a waste of time. I have read a million of them! They just tell me you haven’t really read the job advert that you are applying for.

DO Tell me in a few words why you are relevant to the specific role…

I am recruiting and how you can solve my clients problems – this will definitely get me to read the rest of your Resume.

DON’T Send me a generic cover letter that is so broad as to be worthless!

Despite my appearance if you feel I am a recruitment robot / clone and that all I am worthy of is a regenerated boiler plate letter of application, please don’t bother! Save yours and my time, find a role that interests you and that matches you and I would be delighted to represent you!

DO Look at the job advert / description…

Apply if you fit at least 50% of what the role is seeking / have experience close to? If so I can’t wait to see your resume.

If you only have 20% and need to learn the rest, it is probably not the one for you.

Clients are happy to train candidates in a role but if you are asking them to train you for 4 days out of 5 just to function in a role then that’s not fair, they need a contribution from day one.


If any of this sounded like a mini-rant then you’re correct, that is what it is.

I have been in Treasury Recruitment for over 25 years and the industry has treated me kindly.

The way I do business is to treat both my candidates and clients equally and with the respect that I would hope is reciprocated.

Please try and take some of this advice on board, I am here to help in your treasury job search hopefully armed with some these suggestions we can help you secure your next role!


The Treasury Recruitment Company Checklist


  • Look at the job advert and job description and decide if you really are a suitable candidate
  • Tailor your Resume and covering letter to the role you are applying for
  • Email your Resume directly to a named individual
  • Remember your Resume/ Resume is the key to getting an interview
  • Decide what the major pain points or critical areas that a client / recruiter is trying to find from a candidate and directly address them in your resume


  • Copy your Resume to lots of people and say “Dear Everyone”
  • Send me a cover letter that has “CONTACT NAME TO BE ADDED”…
  • Attach a generic cover letter with the Job Title listed in a different font as if you have just copied and replaced it
  • Send me a Resume with the words “I am a flexible, motivated, team worker who is perfect for the role of …” Generic statements are a waste of yours and my time
  • Email me with an email that says “Dear Enquiry@” or “Dear To Whom It May Concern”
  • Attach generic cover letter that is so broad as to be worthless

Do take all this advice and use it!!!

We want to help you secure your next position if we don’t place you we don’t get paid!

Please call us we are happy to give any advice that is needed!