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The State of the European Treasury Recruitment Market

There has been a notable upward drive-in salary levels for junior and entry-level managerial positions within the treasury sector. Roles such as Treasury Analysts, Dealers, and Treasury

Managers have experienced significant salary increases ranging between 21% and 35%, underscoring the critical role these professionals play in managing a company’s cash flow.

This trend is particularly evident in the creation of roles such as Cash Managers and junior operational treasury positions across various European companies, where competitive salaries have become essential for recruitment success.

Several companies in Europe have had to adjust their salary offerings to attract the level of qualified candidates, as demonstrated by instances where positions, like Treasury Analysts, saw salary increases from €55,000 to €76,000, a 40% raise.

Similarly, we have seen Treasury Managers salaries with an average increase from €93,000 to €117,000, marking a 25% uptick.

Lengthy Recruitment Cycles Hampering Treasury Teams

Failure to offer competitive salaries has resulted in prolonged recruitment cycles, lasting between 3 to 6 months, prompting companies to reassess their compensation packages.

Despite challenges in illustrating the wide salary variation across Europe due to diverse economic conditions, Katie Hardie and I offer insights tailored to individual needs. It’s evident that economic disparities between regions impact compensation growth rates, emphasising the need for customised solutions rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

The demand for Treasury Consultants, whether from consultancy firms or independent practitioners, remains high, especially for change projects, leading to substantial salary offerings. This demand underscores the value of high-level advisory skills, particularly in strategic financial risk management, and their impact on treasury and finance teams.

While the UK treasury market remains mature with limited newly introduced job opportunities, other European countries like Belgium, the Benelux region, Germany, and the Nordics have seen the emergence of new roles. Katie and I have been actively assisting clients in navigating these evolving markets.

We Foresee European Teams Recovering Before The UK

Our comprehensive salary survey has seen a significant increase in participants, reflecting our deep market understanding. Despite a modest average base salary increase for a Global Treasurer from €250,000 to €266,000, the doubling of participants strengthens our ability to negotiate competitive compensation packages for our clients.

Moving forward, European treasury teams are expected to continue growing with the creation of new positions, contrasting with the UK market where recruitment primarily focuses on replacements rather than expansion.

We encourage sharing the survey within your treasury networks to further enhance its impact and welcome suggestions for improvement. We strive to refine and improve our survey to better serve the treasury community. Thank you for your continued support.

Thank you to all those who take part in our Salary Surveys. It is only with your input that we can offer the insights into the state of the Global Treasury Recruitment market.

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Many thanks from me, Mike Richards, CEO of The Treasury Recruitment Company, I appreciate it!

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