Candidate Coaching

Bounce Back Programme

We have created a FREE “Bounce Back” candidate coaching program aimed at helping treasury professionals to:

  • Assess their current skillsets
  • Define their career aims, goals and target compensation packages
  • Improve their CVs / resumés
  • Develop their social media profiles – specifically LinkedIn
  • Brush up on their interview skills and create their own job search strategies

This program is designed to help you increase your attractiveness to potential employers!

About the programme

What's included?

Our aim is to get you ‘match fit’, ready to find your next treasury role with an advantage over the other candidates who do not take part in this program!

Each week, we set you goals and individual challenges.

  • We support you with video content, both from existing sources and some brand-new videos we have recorded especially for the program
  • We want to give you the tools you need to make your next treasury career move a successful one
  • We are here to support you through your treasury journey so call us anytime!

Our 6 step guide

SMART Objectives

What are your professional treasury goals, and are they SMART goals?

If you do this assignment you will understand what I mean by SMART goals especially in relation to Treasury.

A few examples I might give include;

  1. Gaining the skills and experience necessary to become Treasury Manager within the next 12 months
  2. Streamlining transactional banking partnerships from 50 to 10 by the of 2020!
  3. Achieving your first formal Treasury qualification within the next year.

Personal aims

A lot of the time we think about these, but they are ill-defined, fluffy.

Do you know why they are like this?

It is because professional goals pay the bills, these do not!

These help you maintain that supposed work-life balance but how often do we consider them?

They are about us and in life, everything else conspires to take over!!!

Financial Rewards

You guys are Treasury professionals. You want to get paid right?

And when I mean RIGHT, I mean fairly!

How do you know where your salary stacks up?

How do you compare against your peers, AKA your competitors?

I have an easy answer, it’s our Global Treasury Salary Survey.

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