LinkedIn tips and tricks

LinkedIn is a necessary tool that has become synonymous with the type of job we do. Of course, when we all think about LinkedIn, we think about job hunting or getting headhunted. But it can be so much more than this. It is your window to the world which can always be viewed by all stakeholders – managers, colleagues, friends, family, clients, etc… It is your personal advertising billboard. So, to only invest time on it when you are on the hunt for a new job could mean taking a serious career risk. Your LinkedIn profile is an ever-evolving embodiment of your skills and experiences.

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10 key steps

Increasingly employers are looking at your online presence to understand more about your potential as a new hire. Over two-thirds of hiring managers look at a candidate’s LinkedIn profile before making their decision. Having a LinkedIn profile that showcases your unique qualities may be the deciding factor in getting an interview.

In our experience, a stand-out LinkedIn profile has a powerful, attention-grabbing headline that really sums up your potential as a candidate. It includes your photo and uses storytelling elements to really engage a recruiter or hiring manager. Your LinkedIn profile can also be a valuable source of social proof, with past colleagues and managers able to recommend you and validate your skills on your profile.

To delve deeper into the ideal LinkedIn profile, we’ve crafted 10 key steps to creating a powerful LinkedIn Profile.

Our 10 step guide

Have an Appropriate Photo

This is a bit of a personal favourite of mine as I can tell you, I have seen some absolute shockers in my time! Honestly, sometimes I wonder what people were thinking!

Here are a few examples of some of the gems I have come across.

They are re-enacted by me to avoid embarrassing anybody but yes, these are accurate representations…

So, let us start with….

Clearly lots of dreadful examples there but the general rule of thumb is:

  • Go for a headshot
  • Avoid selfies
  • Choose your clothes carefully
  • Be natural and think about your facial expression

Above all.

Does it clearly represent you and do you look friendly, approachable and professional?!


Ask yourself

Does your photo clearly represent you?

Do you look friendly, approachable and professional?

Is it formatted correctly, so no squashed or stretched images?

Top Tips

Always and only show photos of yourself – no family, pets or scenery pics

No Selfies – these are just bad!

Dress in business attire – no wedding shots or holiday pics

Go for a headshot so your features are clear – this will help to build recognition

Choose the right facial expression – remember friendly, approachable and professional

How To Upload A Profile Photo

  • Log in to LinkedIn and select the menu for Profile, Edit Profile.
  • Click the camera icon – the ‘Upload a Photo’ page appears
  • Click the Browse button – the ‘Choose File to Upload’ dialogue box opens
  • Browse to and choose the photo you want to use and then click Open
  • Click the ‘Upload Photo’ button – the image is uploaded and displays in a preview window
  • Click and drag the yellow square to adjust the crop on your photo
  • Click the ‘Save Photo’ button
  • Click the ‘Done Editing’ button at the top of the page to save your changes and apply