Treasury Skills Wheel

The only constant in the world of corporate treasury is change and today, it’s fair to say things are changing faster than ever. But what does this mean for the role of the treasury professional? How can you protect yourself against the onslaught of new demands and pressures? What can you do to arm yourself with the right set of skills and experience to face the future challenges?

The Treasury Skills Wheel is a definitive set of skills which have been identified by over 60 leading treasury professionals, some of whom work for the biggest multinational organisations in the world, in some of the most demanding and high-profile positions in the industry. It is a ‘blueprint’ of treasury skills which they have all identified as critical to future success for any treasury professional.

The Skill Chart

Download the treasury skills wheel chart.


Full Presentation

Download the full presentation from the 2019 summit.


The Script

Download the presentation script.


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