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Finding InfraRed Capital's Next Treasury Star

The Challenge

InfraRed Capital Partners, leaders in infrastructure investment, entrusted us to recruit an exceptional treasurer. This role was more than just a position; it was a linchpin in steering financial operations across various funds and entities, aligned with a vision for a sustainable future.

The Strategy

Our approach was methodical and targeted. We aimed to find a robust treasurer capable of handling complex financial challenges, from cash flow management to risk assessment. Out of numerous potentials, we shortlisted six outstanding candidates, each aligning with InfraRed’s commitment to sustainability and impact.

Despite our well-laid plans, a promising candidate withdrew last minute. It was a moment to adapt and think strategically.


Triumph: Overcoming Challenges with Agility

Leveraging our extensive network and keen market insights, we quickly regrouped. Fortuitously, a stellar candidate we had interacted with previously became available. Their decision to rejoin the process, influenced by our established relationship and InfraRed’s ethos, was timely.

Conclusion: The Power of Adaptability in Recruitment

This recruitment journey underscored the importance of adaptability in sourcing talent for mission-driven organizations like InfraRed Capital Partners. Our ability to swiftly navigate unexpected challenges and connect with candidates who share the organization’s values was crucial.

The essence of successful recruitment in niche, sustainability-focused roles lies in being flexible, resourceful, and aligned with the organization’s core values. It’s about quick thinking, maintaining strong relationships, and never losing sight of the organizational mission.

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