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The Treasury Recruitment Company Roadshow

The Treasury Recruitment Company are thrilled to announce the Treasury Career Corner LIVE World Tour 2024, starting in New York City!

This tour is an extension of our successful podcast, where we’ve created a community for treasury professionals to learn, connect, and share insights. Our journey began with our Treasury Career Corner Podcast.

Over five years, we’ve recorded OVER 325+ episodes, featuring more than 330 treasurers and achieving over 145k+ downloads. Check out one of our recent live EVENTS from London.

And you can see how the event format evolved via this 📽️📽️ YouTube Interview 🎦🎦

Nashville, Tennessee, USA
20th Oct 24

AFP Treasury Conference 2024

Join Mike Richards, Nicole Meyer and Summa Simmons for an interactive workshop on  “How to Maximize Your Networking Opportunities at AFP 2024”
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New York, USA
12th Sep 24

Treasury Career Corner Live in New York 12th September 2024

In this LIVE version of our podcast, I host a fireside relaxed chat-style session where I interview three amazing Treasury professionals about their treasury careers. We'll explore how they achieved their career success, the challenges they faced, how they overcame them, and their insights on the future of the treasury profession.
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New York, USA
11th Sep 24

TMANY, New York Cash Exchange, 2024

Mike Richards is delighted to be joined by two amazing Senior Treasury Practitioners for our “Treasury Career Corner LIVE” panel session on Wednesday, September 11, 2024, 2:30-3:20pm EST Featuring...
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