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Don’t Interview Like This!

Adopting an intelligent interview strategy during any hiring process is critical to success.

Here is an example where one of our clients got it very wrong and nearly lost out on their perfect candidate!

We have recently been recruiting for a privately-owned company based in a rural location in the North of England. They were recruiting a Head of Treasury, which was a new role to the business and not an obvious choice for all but a unique opportunity for many other treasury professionals.

After a detailed search, we identified a selection of three candidates for the position all of whom were selected for interview.

Great but the trouble started when we were told about the interview process.

Their initial plan was at first round interview candidates would be required to complete a numerical, verbal reasoning and psychometric test prior to meeting anyone face-to-face.

After the tests there would be a 45-minute interview with the HR Business Partner. This stage would last about 2 hours in total.

They would then choose who to bring back for second round interviews to meet the CFO for a one hour face-to-face meeting.

Bearing in mind these are senior level candidates who might find it difficult to be spare for one hour let alone three, plus two trips to and from the interviews!

Was it realistic to expect this?

From a client perspective, this was a high-profile role so it would require a detailed interview assessment.

From the candidate’s perspective, they didn’t know anything about the business, the culture or the role.

They were certainly not bought into or committed to the role or the company simply from the job description.

Luckily after explaining the dangers of following this course of action, our client opted for a traditional competency based interview and a meeting with the CFO for the first stage this got the candidates excited and engaged in the opportunity itself. Testing was carried out at the second stage along with further meetings with the Treasury team.

The position was subsequently offered and accepted.

The lesson being when you are recruiting put yourself in the candidates shoes!

How would you like to be treated?

What would appeal to you if you were the candidate?

Remember as we always say “It’s Not About You Anymore, It’s About Them!”

As an employer, you don’t pull out all the stops in this ever-intensifying battle for talent then the war will be lost before it’s even begun.

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