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Building a Fulfilling Career in Treasury with Timothy Hesler


About this episode

Working one job within treasury can be tough enough. But making an effort to take on extra responsibilities can help you build a fulfilling career. One person who can attest to that is Timothy Hesler, Assistant Treasurer, Global Banking, Cash Management and Treasury Operations at New York University, who joins episode 213 of The Treasury Career Corner. In this episode, Timothy discusses his career to date, explaining where and why he has taken risks and details why he made the move into consultancy. Timothy also highlights the benefits of networking, volunteering, and how pushing yourself to work harder can be genuinely rewarding. Timothy is also the current and former President and Chair of the Executive Committee for the Pinnacle Consortium of Higher Education, a reciprocal risk retention captive insurance company in Burlington, VT. Previously, Timothy was a Senior Expert in the Corporate Finance Strategy practice at McKinsey and Company, focusing on corporate treasury and financial risk before affiliating as a Senior Advisor to the firm in the past eight years. At McKinsey, Timothy worked with corporate clients in the US and abroad on a variety of treasury engagements, including overall treasury organisation design and transformation, cash management and cash flow forecasting. Prior to McKinsey, Timothy has substantial experience of over 12 years, leading finance transformation and corporate treasury advisory engagements across numerous industries for multinational clients as Director of Treasury and Risk for PricewaterhouseCoopers. Prior to his time in professional services, he also worked in the corporate treasury department for Novartis, leading a variety of functions in treasury and corporate finance and as Manager of Banking, Cash Management/Revenue Accounting for Pizza Hut under the PepsiCo umbrella. A frequent speaker at conferences and podcasts, and an author of several articles, Timothy is a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) and holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Union College and an M.B.A. in Finance from Columbia University. He was recently Chair of the AFP's Body of Knowledge Committee, on the Advisory Board for TMI USA magazine and a long-time member of the Program Committee for the Treasury Institute for Higher Education. Timothy is a current Board member and the former President of the Treasury Management Association of New York (TMANY) for five years.

On the podcast Timothy Hesler and I discussed…

  • Timothy’s first steps into treasury
  • His move into consulting
  • How volunteering boosted his credentials
  • Navigating a financial crisis
  • Taking multiple positions to push yourself
  • The benefits of being on a panel
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