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Setting Yourself up for a Successful Treasury Career with Lane Silverman


About this episode

Much like anything worthwhile, a successful treasury career isn’t built in a day. It takes hard work, dedication, and some weathered advice from someone who’s walked the path before. That’s why we have Lane Silverman, Treasury Consultant and Advisor for XY Treasury Consulting on today’s Treasury Career Corner. Coming from top-level treasury roles at JT Inc., Bunge Ltd., and a handful of others, it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about how to position yourself for success. Lane's first job out of University was at a bank, where he worked on Structured Finance and Asset trading, and subsequently at the Foreign Exchange desk and Bond Trading. After several years in banking, he made the switch to a Dutch-Asian Trading conglomerate where he worked in their Treasury and Finance department. In the late 90s he swung right back into a banking role at American Express, before eventually ending up back in treasury with a role at Bunge, then JTI Inc. Presently, Lane is focused on consulting with the possibility of some interim work in the near future.

On the podcast Lane Silverman and I discussed…

  • Lane’s start in banking and eventually treasury
  • Why banking is a better route into treasury than accounting
  • Lane’s take on what treasury is truly about
  • Why an awareness of your strengths and weaknesses is important
  • How status and size affect a company’s treasury operations
  • Lane’s experience moving to Huber and JTI
  • Why experience is relevant when pursuing a treasury role
  • What Lane sees in the future of treasury
  • Lane’s advice to treasury professionals in search of new roles
You can connect with Lane on LinkedIn.

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