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Building Strong Relationships in Treasury with Tanja Holden


About this episode

What sits at the heart of treasury? It’s not just about the qualifications, financial know-how and technical skills. Tying it all together are the relationships and collaboration between teams.

Tanja Holden, the Group Treasurer at Ocado Group, joins this episode of The Treasury Career Corner to discuss the importance of relationships building in treasury.

In this episode, Tanja takes us through how she discovered her love for treasury, what she’s learned from different roles over the years, and how treasury has changed since she first entered the space.

Tanja and her team manage all treasury matters for Ocado, including its financing strategy. Prior to this, she held various senior treasury roles at an international manufacturing company and various finance and treasury roles at Dyson. Tanja earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Classical Studies at the University of Exeter, UK. She is also a qualified Corporate Treasurer (AMCT) with the Association of Corporate Treasurers, a Chartered Institute in the UK.

Ocado was established in the UK in 2000 with the aim of changing the way people shop for groceries. Nearly 20 years later, Ocado is an FTSE 100, client-focused business which provides services, technology, and automation to grocery e-commerce businesses around the world.

The group’s combined expertise and capabilities underpin the continued evolution of the Ocado Retail Limited platform, which has seen it become the biggest grocery retailer of its kind in the world. They are now taking those same unique qualities to help their partners around the world reach similar heights through the Ocado Solutions business.

On the podcast we discussed…

  • How Tanja discovered her love for treasury
  • What she learned from taking treasury exams
  • How the pandemic and remote working affected her role
  • Why relationships are so important in treasury
  • How treasury has changed over the years

You can connect with Tanja on LinkedIn.

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