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Embracing Challenges and Changes with Chris Corner


About this episode

Treasury can often throw up challenges and sudden changes that we aren’t expecting. But the best thing to do is welcome these obstacles, remain positive and use them as learning opportunities.

One person who has faced many a challenge in his treasury career is Chris Corner, Head of Treasury at Kingfisher plc.

Chris joined The Treasury Career Corner in January 2020, just as he was leaving his role with Thomas Cook. In this episode, he re-joins to discuss his moves to Marks and Spencer, Walgreens Boots Alliance and Kingfisher plc.

He talks about how to combat challenges and embrace change, dissects his move into the treasury world, and more.

Chris has worked in corporate treasury roles with a number of leading multinational organisations for more than 25 years.

During his career, Chris has particularly enjoyed the challenges of managing teams through periods of transformation, whether driven by corporate strategy or by the many macro headwinds that have become a constant theme of professional life.

Chris has also built up extensive debt capital markets experience across multiple market-leading bank and bond refinancings, including during periods of significant market and issuer disruption.

On the podcast we discussed…

  • Chris’ early days in treasury
  • How an acquisition changed his career
  • Working with the BBC, Thomas Cook and Capita
  • Weathering challenges in treasury
  • Why you should embrace change and stay positive
  • Tips and advice for treasurers

You can connect with Chris Corner on LinkedIn.

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