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Managing Treasury for Insurance Companies with Dan Ferguson


About this episode

Treasury is a universal language – but how do the nuances vary across different industries?

After starting out in banking, this week’s guest has spent decades managing treasury in insurance and on this re-run episode of The Treasury Career Corner, Dan Ferguson, Group Treasurer at Resolution Life, is back!

He fills us in on his career since he appeared on the show in 2019, how the industry has changed and how COVID and remote work has affected him.

Dan began as a Treasury Operations Clerk at Bank of New York Mellon in 1997. He later worked as a Finance Assistant for Lloyds Banking Group before moving into treasury as an Assistant with Ernst & Young.

He became Treasury Operations Analyst at Thomas Cook UK in 2001 before joining RSA where he would spend 19 years as Treasury Dealer and later Treasury Manager and Group Treasurer.

Since May 2022, Dan has been Group Treasurer at Resolution Life, a global manager of legacy life insurance portfolios.

On the podcast we discussed…

  • Dan’s 2019 predictions for how Brexit would affect treasury
  • Transitioning to remote work
  • Why treasury is and always has been a strategic function
  • What’s behind his management style
  • The importance of communication skills
  • The challenges he faced managing treasury in insurance
  • The benefits of networking
  • Changes to Dan’s career
  • Why qualifications are key in treasury

You can connect with Dan Ferguson on LinkedIn.

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