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From Football Dreams to Treasury Leader with Paulo Kubis


About this episode

It’s always fascinating to hear the different ways treasury professionals enter the industry.

Join us on the Treasury Career Corner podcast as we delve into the fascinating story of this week’s guest, whose love for football and aspirations of becoming a player paved the way for a successful career in finance and then into the world of treasury.

Paulo Kubis, the Head of Treasury at Electrolux Professional Group, joins this episode to share insights into his route into treasury, the challenges and opportunities faced during the Electrolux Professional spinoff, and the importance of building a strong foundation and recruiting the right talent.

He highlights the value of knowledge sharing and the ability to adapt in a constantly evolving treasury environment.

Paulo has accumulated 15 years of professional expertise, starting with education and apprentice opportunities in the US, continued in his homeland Brazil and then ultimately relocating to Europe.

During his early professional journey, Paulo held various positions including Controlling Analyst, Equities and Futures Broker, and Investment Advisor. Subsequently, he seized an opportunity to grow within the treasury department of Electrolux.

Since 2013, Paulo’s career has been dedicated to treasury, specializing in trading and front office activities. As time has progressed, he has expanded his capabilities and actively participated in the spin-off of Electrolux Professional, to ultimately become the Head of Treasury.

On the podcast we discuss…

  • Paulo’s fascination with football and dreams of becoming a footballer
  • His introduction to finance and learning curve in transitioning to treasury
  • Dealing with diverse economic policies and challenges in Latin America
  • Joining Electrolux in Brazil and expanding treasury knowledge
  • Electrolux Professional’s spinoff and separation from Electrolux Group
  • Challenges and opportunities during the spinoff, including the impact of COVID-19
  • Importance of simplification and evolution during a spinoff
  • Strategic talent management and recruitment for a successful treasury function

You can connect with Paulo Kubis on LinkedIn.

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