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Elevating Your Treasury Career with Gary McGuire


About this episode

Are you looking to elevate your treasury career to greater heights? If the answer is yes, then this episode is tailor-made for you!

In this special edition of the Treasury Career Corner podcast we are delving back into our archives to revisit and revamp some of our most acclaimed episodes – just for you.

Today, we bring you a remastered gem, originally our 100th episode, featuring an insightful interview with Gary McGuire, VP and Treasurer at Dow Inc.

With a global team of over 200 treasury professionals, Gary oversees all aspects of Dow’s finances.

He began his journey at Dow Canada in 1988 as a Materials Management Analyst, later transitioning to the Treasury group. After a brief period at Royal Bank of Canada as a Senior Corporate Risk Consultant, he returned to Dow in various senior financial roles before assuming leadership positions as Senior Director of Financial Planning and Operations and Global Director of Enterprise-Wide Risk Management.

In 2007, he took on the role of Chief Investment Officer, overseeing the management of the company’s global Pension and Insurance assets. Gary’s contributions led to his appointment as Assistant Treasurer in 2016 and subsequently as Treasurer.

Gary is actively involved in Dow’s Disability Employee Network (DEN) and the President and CEO of Liana Limited and Dorinco Reinsurance Company (a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow), in addition to serving on the boards of both companies.

He is also Chairman of Dow’s Investment Committee, and a member of the Liana Finance Committee and Dow’s Benefits Governance Finance Committee (BGFC).

On the podcast we discussed…

  • How Gary first got started in treasury
  • How Gary progressed up the career ladder to his current role as VP
  • Important lessons learned from his time away from Dow
  • The expanding scope of Gary’s responsibilities with each step on his career path
  • Potential challenges that treasurers in companies like Dow might encounter
  • Gary shares his predictions for the future of treasury
  • The significance of leveraging banking relationships
  • Ways to stand out from other candidates seeking similar treasury roles as you

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