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Shaping the Future of Treasury Consulting with Sander van Tol


About this episode

In this episode, we chat to Sander van Tol, a Partner at Zanders, a financial performance partner to the world’s most dynamic organizations, about his career in corporate treasury and the growth of the company.

Sander van Tol joined Zanders in 1996, where he became a Partner in 2001 and Managing Partner in 2013-17. Currently he holds a joint responsibility for the corporate advisory practice of Zanders. His specialization is in the area of Treasury Strategy & Organization, Treasury Technology and Risk Management.

With over 25 years of experience, he has advised many leading multinationals on strategic treasury topics.

Sander is an Honorary Member of the Dutch Association of Corporate Treasurers (DACT), where he was Board Member and later Chairman of the Advisory Board.

He is also a part time lecturer at the ‘Treasury Management & Corporate Finance’ Executive Master’s program at the Vrije Universiteit (Netherlands). Sander is also the Chairman of the Governing Board of this Executive Master’s program.

On the episode Sander shares his journey into corporate treasury, starting with a guest lecture at university that sparked his interest. He discusses his early days at Zanders when it was a small boutique firm, and the challenges they faced in competing with larger consulting firms.

Sander also talks about the growth of the company, the importance of treasury in the corporate world, and the future opportunities in the field.

On the podcast we discuss…

  • Insights into Sander’s career journey and the early days of Zanders
  • The importance of treasury in the corporate world and its evolving role
  • The growth and expansion of Zanders as a consulting firm
  • The value of specialization and pragmatism in treasury consulting
  • The future trends and opportunities in corporate treasury

You can connect with Sander Van Tol on LinkedIn.

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