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Pushing the Boundaries of Treasury with Jan-Martin Nufer


About this episode

We’re shaping the treasury space and pushing boundaries in this episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast, where I interview a good friend of mine, Jan-Martin Nufer. Jan-Martin is the Director of Treasury & Funding at Borealis Group, a plastics, chemicals and fertilisers company based in Vienna.

For nearly 25 years, Jan-Martin has been working in finance gaining international experience in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, France, the Middle East and Africa. Jan-Martin’s experience ranges from start-ups to large multinational. He has worked in a range of industries including banking, financial advisory, health, telecommunications, airlines, large conglomerates and petrochemicals, as well as in most fields within finance.

With all of his experience in treasury, I was keen to talk to Jan-Martin about his career and his advice for someone who wants to work in a similar role within treasury. It’s a fantastic discussion and one that I know you’re going to enjoy, so grab your headphones and have a listen!

On the podcast we discussed…

  • Jan-Martin’s experience as a trained banker and how he transitioned from banking to treasury
  • Understanding that you can’t fully plan or prepare for a career in treasury because a large part of it is about seizing opportunities
  • Jan-Martin’s various treasury roles and responsibilities throughout his career
  • Why it’s so important to have a flexible work environment that allows you to put the hedges and risk mitigation in place that the company needs
  • Jan-Martin’s move from Swiss International Airlines to Borealis
  • The importance of being able to push the boundaries of your own remit in terms of what treasury constitutes
  • How to manage a treasury department team
  • How Jan-Martin has shaped the treasury space within Borealis
  • The inner workings and responsibilities of a Group Financial Risk Department
  • What Jan-Martin enjoys most about working in treasury
  • Why treasury should be seen as the heart of a company and an insight into the “fun” side of treasury
  • The unique possibility in treasury to combine finance roles with an external role such as negotiating financing contracts and roadshows etc.
  • The role of technology within technology regarding digitalisation, robotics, platforms and systems
  • What employers look for in CV’s they receive from recruitment companies
  • What personality traits make a candidate stand out to a potential employer
  • Understanding that the treasury culture is always changing and that no two companies are the same
  • Preparing for the future of treasury
  • Much more!

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