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Dan Welham Gives Some Advice About the State of The European Treasury Recruitment Market


About this episode

This episode of the podcast explores the current state of the European Treasury Recruitment Market with helpful advice from our Treasury Recruitment Specialist, Dan Welham. Dan is a key member of our recruitment team and focuses on helping businesses find treasury professionals to add value to their teams as well as assisting candidates to find their perfect treasury position. So, who better to seek treasury recruitment and career advice from than this guy? On the podcast we discussed…
  • How the European Treasury Market is looking from a recruitment perspective
  • The truth about the European recruitment market in recent months
  • European countries that are currently recruiting for treasury professionals
  • Key takeaways from the Austria Treasurers Conference
  • Whether advancements in technology will make the role of treasurers redundant
  • An insight into the early results from our Global Treasury Salary Survey
  • The main reasons why treasury professionals are unhappy in their current roles
  • Much more!
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