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The Role of Ethics in Treasury with Gary Slawther


About this episode

My special guest on this episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast is Gary Slawther, Interim Group Treasurer at Eddie Stobart Logistics Limited. Gary is a highly experienced, technically strong, strategic treasurer with proven expertise in developing financing strategies, structures, and effective management in all areas of financial risk. Working as a member of senior management teams, Gary often reports directly to the CFO or CEO and prioritises knowing the detail of the business and operations. Having this level of understanding of the business enables him to accurately assess the real financial risks, the financing requirements, and how strategy is to be executed. Gathering such knowledge requires communication with fellow team members and being close to the operations. Gary has had an incredible career journey and worked with a variety of organisations including OCTAL, Arabtec, and many more. He is currently the Interim Group Treasurer for Eddie Stobart Logistics Limited, where he assists in delivering DBay's post-investment recovery plan for the business focusing, among several things, on bank relationships, facility compliance, information provision and driving the working capital culture of the group. On the podcast we discussed…
  • How Gary got started in treasury and how he built his successful career
  • Why you need to think of treasury in the context of business
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Why Gary changed roles throughout his career
  • The truth about why treasurers are hired and how to know whether you’re bringing value to a company
  • Why you should try to learn as much as possible with every role
  • The importance of being independent as a treasurer and understanding ethics
  • Why you should lean on your advisors when you need them
  • The role of ethics within treasury
  • Why you need to be culturally aware as a treasurer and/or group treasurer
  • Gary shares his top tips for a successful career
Want to get in touch with Gary? If so, you can connect with him on LinkedIn. Are you interested in pursuing a career within Treasury? Whether you’ve recently graduated, or you want to search for new job opportunities to help develop your treasury career, The Treasury Recruitment Company can help you in your search for the perfect job. Find out more here. Or, send us your CV and let us help you in your next career move! If you’re enjoying the show please rate and review us on whatever podcast app you listen to us on, for Apple Podcasts click here!