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The Benefits of Trying New and Challenging Things in Your Treasury Career with Maarten Michalides


About this episode

In the treasury world, it pays to always seek out new experiences. Lots of people worry about job-hopping, but this Treasury Career Corner guest believes it has been key to his success. Maarten Michalides, the Head of Treasury at Enexis Holding N.V., joins this episode of The Treasury Career Corner to discuss his varied and dynamic career. In this episode, he shares his top tips for other Treasurers, what makes a successful Treasurer, and why it pays to constantly seek new opportunities. Before joining Enexis, he was the Director of Treasury and Corporate Finance at VEON, Group Treasurer and Head of Tax at Corio N.V., and a Treasury Manager at Heineken International. Enexis is a leading Dutch energy grid operator, covering approximately a third of the Netherlands. It is headquartered in Den Bosch and has a net debt position of approximately €3 billion. For more than 100 years, Enexis has been at the heart of society, ensuring a reliable energy supply and providing services to make people's lives easier. They accelerate the energy transition by deploying their knowledge, expertise, and energy in every possible way.

On the podcast, Maarten Michalides and I discussed…

  • What Maarten has learned from his time in tax and banking
  • What you need to be a successful treasurer
  • What Maarten looks for when hiring new people
  • How Maarten manages a team
  • Maarten’s top advice for other treasury professionals
You can connect with Maarten on LinkedIn. Whether you’ve recently graduated, or you want to search for new job opportunities to help develop your treasury career, The Treasury Recruitment Company can help you in your search for the perfect job. Find out more here. Or, send us your CV and let us help you in your next career move! If you’re enjoying the show please rate and review us on whatever podcast app you listen to us on, for Apple Podcasts click here!