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How to Always Move Forward in Your Treasury Career with Oliver Gygax


About this episode

One of the best things about a career in treasury is that there’s always room to move forward and try new things. It’s something that Oliver Gygax, the Head of Group Treasury at EMS Group, has always sought to do in his career. Oliver has had a long career that started in traditional banking, moving into online banking, and eventually treasury. Along the way, he’s learned a lot and prioritised developing his career and “filling his backpack with experience.” Oliver has held roles at Daniel Swarovski Corporation, where he last worked as Vice President of Corporate Treasury, Aduno Group as the Head of Treasury, and Redsafe Bank AG, as a Treasurer. EMS-Group is a Swiss corporate group based in Domat/Ems, in the canton of Graubünden. It works with high-performance polymers and speciality chemicals. EMS has 25 production sites in 16 different countries and is represented throughout the world with company-owned sales companies or by distributors/traders. As of December 2020, the EMS Group has 2,521 employees worldwide, with 132 apprentices based in Switzerland.

On the podcast Oliver Gygax and I discussed…

  • How Oliver first started in banking before moving into treasury
  • The differences between starting a Treasury department from scratch vs. walking into an established department
  • What Oliver has looked for when switching jobs
  • Oliver’s thoughts on automation and the future of treasury
  • Oliver’s three tips for success for other Treasurers
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