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Why Treasurers Are in a Unique Position to Add Value with Michael Fox


About this episode

Where does the role of a treasurer fit into a business? According to this Treasury Career Corner guest, it’s a unique position that adds so much value. Michael Fox, the Group Treasurer at Equiniti Group Plc, joined this episode to share his career story and tips and explain why treasurers are uniquely positioned to add value and knowledge to an organisation. Michael has worked as a Group Treasurer for companies like Cubico Sustainable Investments, Xchanging plc, and as an Assistant Treasurer at Thomson Reuters. He specialises in core treasury strategy, funding, and financial risk management. Equiniti Group PLC is a British-based outsourcing business focused on providing administration and payment services supported by technology platforms. The Group also provides share registration and associated investor services, administration of employee share plans, pension administration and software, and employee benefit schemes. Equiniti Group serves a wide range of organizations in the UK and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

On the podcast, Michael Fox and I discussed…

  • How Michael found his way into treasury
  • Why treasurers need to understand how to add value
  • How Michael helped to bring treasury into the wider financial strategy
  • Why accounting qualifications came in handy in his career
  • Why you need to take ownership in your treasury career
  • How treasury is a unique position in a company
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