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How to Manage Treasury Teams in Our Diverse and Dynamic World with Philip Sasse


About this episode

Treasury is not a one-man game. No matter how small or large your team is, knowing how to unleash the power of every individual is what translates to results. Philip Sasse, the Vice President Treasury at Unilever, leverages his vast experience in treasury and financial services to give insight into what makes treasury teams thrive. Philip’s long-spanning role in Unilever was not always treasury inclined, he started out in financial services and served in various roles including CFO Unilever South Africa, Corporate M&A Director, and Treasury Director International Funding. Currently, he leads a centralised, yet diverse team based in Switzerland. With its headquarters in London, England, Unilever PLC is a multinational company that specialises in the production of consumer goods. Besides being the largest producer of soap worldwide, the company has a global reach nearing 190 countries. Since its establishment in 1929, the company presently owns over 400 brands which are categorised into home care products, food and refreshments, and beauty and personal care products.

On the podcast Philip Sasse and I discussed…

  • How Philip transitioned from financial services to treasury (and back)
  • Why diversity and inclusion are important in teams
  • How to manage a high performing and diverse team
  • How working in a big treasury team varies from a smaller one
  • Why courage and curiosity are vital to personal and professional development
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