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Braving Challenging Times in Treasury with Stuart Gray


About this episode

It’s been a tough couple of years across all industries due to the pandemic. Perhaps even more so for treasury since that’s where the “cash” is concentrated. In this episode of The Treasury Career Corner, Stuart Gray, the Director of Group Treasury & Corporate Finance at NATS, takes us through the effects of various global crises on treasury. Stuart previously held various financial roles in organisations such as HSBC Bank and PWC. Additionally, he holds an AMCT qualification and is an ICAEW Chartered Accountant. Established in 1962, NATS is at the forefront of Air Navigation Services in the UK. Each year, the organisation handles over 2.5 million flights across the UK airspace and the North Atlantic. They provide air traffic services to 14 airports in the UK, including Gibraltar and work in partnership with the UK military, airports, airlines, aviation authorities and governments in over 30 countries to provide and deliver a quality service and operation in aerodrome, engineering, data and consultancy.

On the podcast Stuart Gray and I discussed…

  • How an interest in hockey led to Stuart’s start in financial services (and eventually, treasury)
  • How Stuart’s team handled challenges due to 9/11 and COVID
  • The challenges Stuart foresees in treasury
  • How Stuart’s team maintained their relationship with banks amidst the crises
  • The importance of curiosity and ambition
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