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Lessons Learned from a Successful Treasury Career with Rob Farrow


About this episode

A long career is never 100% fun and games. There are plenty of hurdles to jump over, lessons to be learned, and experience gathered along the way. Rob Farrow, the General Manager of Corporate Treasury at SABIC, joined this episode of the Treasury Career Corner to share some of the key lessons he learned during the course of his 40-year treasury career. With a wealth of experience spanning over several continents, it’s safe to say that he knows a thing or two. Rob has worked in global treasury and finance leadership for companies such as Ford Motor Company, General Electric, Alghanim Industries (Kuwait) and most recently as VP Treasury and Business Strategy for Itron Inc. in Spokane, Washington. While in his various roles, his work has included responsibilities for P&L delivery, debt and equity funding, project finance, cash management, FX commodity and interest rate management, collections, M&A, business strategy and insurance. SABIC is a global leader in chemicals headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. From making cars and planes more fuel-efficient to helping conserve the world’s water supply and enabling colourful smartphone cases, they find solutions to the challenges of today to help their customers achieve their ambitions and build a better tomorrow. The company has more than 33,000 employees worldwide and operates in more than 50 countries. They equally have significant research resources with innovation hubs in five key geographies – USA, Europe, Middle East, North-East Asia, and Southeast Asia.

On the podcast Rob Farrow and I discussed…

  • How Rob got his start in treasury
  • The importance of being open to help and advice
  • What Rob learned in his early years as a treasurer
  • How Rob and his different teams braced challenges in treasury
  • Why it’s important to level up your skills
  • How Rob manages his global team in the midst of the pandemic
  • Rob’s take on the biggest shifts and changes in treasury
  • Rob’s advice to aspiring and current treasurers
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