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The Workings of Global Treasury with Sarah-Jane Hall


About this episode

Hitting 200 podcast episodes is no easy feat, and in light of that, we’re going back to where it all started… We’re revisiting our very first episode of The Treasury Career Corner podcast, where we spoke with Sarah-Jane Hall, SVP Treasury at GSK, about the ins and outs of working in global treasury. When last we spoke, Sarah-Jane was the Group Treasurer, Pension Investments & Insurance at GlaxoSmithKline PLC. In that role, she was in charge of debt and investments, oversight of the GSK’s global treasury activities and insurance coverage for the group. Since then, she’s transitioned to the SVP Treasury role and has assisted with the demerger of GSK’s consumer business, having taken semi-retirement in 2021. Sarah-Jane is a Fellow of the Association of Corporate Treasurers and a member of the ACT Technical Committee. She holds a BSc in Psychology from Exeter University.

On this podcast Sarah and I discussed…

  • How Sarah-Jane got her “accidental” start in treasury
  • How her role evolved over time
  • The differences between domestic and global treasury
  • Why determination is vital for career success
  • How treasury systems and processes have changed
  • Why the right team culture is so important
  • Why teamwork is vital in treasury (and across other fields)
  • The challenges Sarah-Jane foresees in the future of treasury
  • Sarah-Jane’s advice for people looking to be global treasurers
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