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The Role of Technology in Treasury with Felix Meyer


About this episode

To use emerging technology, or not to use emerging technology? It’s a debate as old as time. Though things have definitely changed since we last spoke with Felix Meyer, Corporate Treasury Business IT Manager at ABB Capital B.V., this debate is still highly relevant. As Felix highlights in this episode of the Treasury Career Corner, treasurers are not known for their risk-taking streak. That’s what often holds them back from embracing emerging technology. However, now more than ever, the role of technology in treasury cannot be downplayed. Felix explains why technology is such an integral part of treasury and why it’s important to stay open to new ideas, technology, and advancements. ABB is a global treasury technology leader and a driver behind the digital transformation of many industries. With over 130 years under its belt, ABB operates globally in more than 100 countries, with about 147,000 employees.

On the podcast today Felix and I discussed…

  • How Felix got his start in technology
  • Felix’s fascination with automation
  • Why technology is necessary for treasury operations
  • The effect of new systems on the treasury unit
  • What keeps Felix enthusiastic about treasury technology
  • The future impact of technology on treasury
  • Felix’s advice for aspiring treasurers
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