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Successful Career Progression in Treasury with Chris McConnachie


About this episode

Sometimes career progression is a linear rise through the ranks, but other times, it's sporadic growth that shoots treasury professionals to their dream roles. Someone who’s experienced this first hand is Chris McConnachie, the CFO at National Grid. Chris joined National Grid in 2008, occupying several treasury roles in London before moving to the US in 2012 to guide the US function through their Global Treasury Systems Implementation. From 2013 to 2015, Chris was treasurer of the company’s US business and, more recently, served as NY Controller and Head of US Business Services before starting in his current role as CFO in 2021. National Grid is one of the world’s largest utilities, focused on delivering energy safely, efficiently, reliably, and responsibly. As an international electricity and gas company, they are one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world and play a vital role in delivering gas and electricity to many millions of people across Great Britain and North-Western US.

Me and Chris discussed these things on todays episode…

  • Chris’ introduction to finance and treasury
  • Chris gives some insight into his time at Northern Rock before its insolvency
  • How Chris transitioned to the international treasury scene
  • Why having a long-term view is beneficial
  • How US treasury differs from UK and European treasury
  • How Chris transitioned from a treasury role to a controllership role
  • The right frame of mind for career progression
  • Why considering multiple routes to a successful career is beneficial
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