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Stop Recruiting the Same People & Expecting Different Results

OK so Einstein didn’t say that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” but many of our clients seem to follow this rule despite us trying to coach them otherwise!

Hang on aren’t you biting the hand that feeds and pays the bills?

You shouldn’t criticise your clients!

The point is we’re NOT!!!

Let me explain we have found with a few exceptions that many of the roles we recruit are ‘recruit-to-replace’ positions.

A client calls and explains they need to recruit, great news!

Their Treasury Manager has decided to leave their position after a short time say 12 months we would usually expect them to stay at least say 3 years in their role.

Then the INSANITY begins!

CLIENT who from here on will be known as FRED – why because we don’t have any clients called Fred, if you are called Fred and you want to be our client please don’t hesitate to call we won’t judge – anyway!

FRED – Please find us a clone / a replica / another person just like our previous person please.

ME – OK Fred we can do that but surely by recruiting the same again aren’t you entering into the same circle?”

Won’t we be having this same chat in 18 months time?

Fred this will be great for my revenues but NOT best advice for you my client?


Replies I have had from FRED:


“Mike I don’t care I am under so much pressure here I just need another person to cope”


I just recruit another Treasury Manager – great we can do it, more revenue, position filled, candidate happy, client happy – at least for NOW…..

Bear with me….


12 months later and both the candidate and client are in the same situation AGAIN!

Two unhappy people and what has this role done to enhance my candidates career?

This is where my advice to my clients comes from;




Treasury Manager leaves


“Fred let’s talk about your options”

Option A

Straight recruit to replace – we know what happens

Option B

Fred can you promote the Treasury Analyst?

Promotion for them, they have knowledge of the group, their replacement at Treasury Analyst level will also want to join because they can see you promote from within!

OK lower fee for us but then we are recruiting candidate who want to work for Fred for the next 5 years NOT the next 18 months

Option C

Fred can you promote anyone?

No Mike there isn’t anyone ready to step up OR I don’t have anyone else.

OK well let’s work out with you:

  • Why your outgoing person is leaving?
  • What development could you have provided them with?
  • Did you provide sponsorship for training courses to tie them in and develop them at the same time?
  • Are you prepared to do an exit interview to find out how you could have helped them plan their career?
  • What about recruiting at a lower level maybe and committing to training to give someone a career path with you guys for say at least 3 years?
  • If you do need to recruit at the same level what goals are they going to have to achieve 18 months from now?
  • Are they aiming for your job Fred? Would you let them have it in 2 years are you ready to widen your own role or maybe you need to look at how you might aim to move on to clear a space for them?


A recruiter trying to help a client recruit for the future NOT just for their next PAYCHECK….

So if you want to recruit to replace anytime soon give me a call and I can point you in the direction of a series of Treasury Recruiters who will take your money every 18 months or so.

Or if you want us to help recruit the next member of your Treasury team who be warned they will probably be gunning for your job in the next 2 years THEN CALL US!!!!

We are here to help both you and FRED!