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10 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Shine

In a day and age where social media is one of the most used tools to communicate, it only seems right that you make the most of LinkedIn. Without a LinkedIn profile, you’re not visible!
One of the most common things I get asked is, how can I make my LinkedIn profile shine? So we’ve compiled a list of 10 steps you can follow to make your profile stand out.  If you nail these simple steps, you’ll be able to sit back and let the opportunities come to you!

1. Create a Powerful Headline

Your ‘Personal Brand’ starts here so you must target your audience. It’s a good idea to include key words to help with your SEO but don’t make it too long, 10 words maximum. Get creative with it though and sell yourself.

2. Become a Writer

This is your chance to really engage with your network and to show off your expertise. Publish posts, write articles, start conversations, share industry relevant content BUT only ever write about what you know and always think about your audience.

3. Make Your Summary Shine

This is your “so what?” – the reason you are different to the next person. It allows you the chance to show the real you, not just what is defined by your career history or choices but who you are as an individual. Always write in the first person and be authentic.

4. Be Personal When Connecting

Never use the default “Hi, I’d like to connect”, always add a personal touch and explain why you want to connect. You could reference a shared connection or find some other common ground. Avoid connecting from your mobile as you can’t personalise the message.

5. Customise Your URL

Doing this will enable people to find you more easily. Remember you are one person in 450 million LinkedIn members Worldwide so it is often not an easy task to find the person you are looking for.

6. Be Selective When Connecting

This is not a numbers game, it should always be about the quality of your connections not the quantity. The focus should be on creating a network that is useful and effective to you.

7. Have a Photo

People are 14X’s more likely to connect with someone if they have a photo and can visually see who they are connecting with. It is essentially your ‘virtual handshake’.

8. Ask for Recommendations

92% of consumers trust peer reviews over advertising so do ask for recommendations. Avoid those that are too generic and ask for comments on a specific projects or skills. Target people who are able to provide the best insight.

9. Have an Appropriate Photo

Spend time getting this right, you have one chance to make a first impression, make it count! Avoid being too serious or too whacky. There needs to be a nice balance between the ‘professional persona’ and the ‘personal you’.

10.  Be a Groupie

LinkedIn Groups are where like-minded individuals will share information and experiences. By joining Groups, it shows that you are engaged in your field, will widen your network and allows you to be a part of relevant discussions.
You can follow either of the links below to download your checklist, so you can easily follow these 10 simple steps to make your LinkedIn profile shine.