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WEEK 5: Interview Advice

Its easy to forget that a job interview goes both ways; it’s as important for you, as a candidate, to determine if the job, the company, the culture, and the work environment is right for you as it is for the company to determine if you’re right for them.

When people say a job interview should be a two-way street, they mean it—but you must make sure you actually get into the driver’s seat and take control of the conversation.

Remember a job interview gives you the chance to assess whether this is the right job for you. Unfortunately, most of us spend the entire interview just answering questions.

Don’t forget that only 7% of the interviewer’s opinion of you is formed by what you say – the rest is judged on how you present yourself.

A message from Mike Richards


A message from Mike Richards

WEEK 4: How to craft a powerful LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a necessary tool that has become synonymous with the type of job we do. Of course, when we all think about LinkedIn, we think about job hunting or getting headhunted. However, I have to say this is probably one of the biggest misconceptions of the platform.

LinkedIn goes far beyond this. It is your window to the world which can always be viewed by all stakeholders – managers, colleagues, friends, family, clients, etc…

It is your personal advertising billboard. So, to only invest time on it when you are on the hunt for a new job could mean taking a serious career risk.

We have crafted 10 Key Steps to Create a Powerful LinkedIn Profile.


WEEK 3: CV / Resume Advice

Your CV is the only thing that the employer has in their hand that will give him/her an impression about you. Hence, everything in a CV – the paper, the presentation, the language, and the overall look – describes you.

Getting your CV right is essential for any job-hunt success; it is the first stage of convincing a prospective employer that you are the one for the role.

In week 3, we share essential tips and guidance on how to craft a strong, comprehensive and cohesive CV for your next treasury role.

A message from Mike Richards



Some enlightening facts and figures to start us off……… when it comes to CVs and getting yours noticed by a potential employer.

  • Updated figures say that recruiters spend on average 5-7 seconds looking at a CV….
  • First applications are received 200 seconds after a job is posted
  • One spelling or grammar mistake and your CV will be chucked in the bin…

A message from Mike Richards

WEEK 2: SMART Objectives

What are your professional goals? And are they SMART goals?

If you do this week’s assignment you will understand what I mean by SMART goals especially in relation to Treasury.

A few examples I might give include;

  1. Gaining the skills and experience necessary to become Treasury Manager within the next 12 months
  2. Streamlining transactional banking partnerships from 50 to 10 by the of 2020!
  3. Achieving your first formal Treasury qualification within the next year.

Personal Aims:

A lot of the time we think about these, but they are ill-defined, fluffy.

Do you know why they are like this?

It is because professional goals pay the bills, these do not!

These help you maintain that supposed work-life balance but how often do we consider them?

They are about us and in life, everything else conspires to take over!!!

Financial Rewards:

You guys are Treasury professionals. You want to get paid right?

And when I mean RIGHT, I mean fairly!

How do you know where your salary stacks up?

How do you compare against your peers, AKA your competitors?

I have an easy answer, it’s our Global Treasury Salary Survey! At

335 Treasury professionals have taken part in 2020 so far. Take part today.



Treasury Skills Wheel

The Treasury Skills Wheel is a definitive set of skills which have been identified by over 60 leading treasury professionals, some of whom work for the biggest multinational organisations in the world, in some of the most demanding and high-profile positions in the industry. It is a ‘blueprint’ of treasury skills which they have all identified as critical to future success for any treasury professional.


Welcome to Week 1, a message from Mike Richards


The role of treasury has become increasingly demanding over recent years, with the rise of globalisation, the onslaught of new technologies, the pressures of regulations and compliance, and not to mention the more strategic role treasury is now playing in boardrooms around the world.

BUT what does this mean for you on a day-to-day basis as treasury practitioners?
What skills do you need to master in order to cope with these evolving pressures?
What skills do you need to consider as leaders in the industry today, to ensure that your teams are future-proofed and ready to take on these challenges…?


Welcome to the Treasury Recruitment ‘Bounce Back’ candidate coaching program

We have created a six-week “Bounce Back” candidate coaching program aimed at helping treasury professionals to:

  • Assess their current skillsets
  • Define their career aims, goals and target compensation packages
  • Improve their CVs / resumés
  • Develop their social media profiles – specifically LinkedIn
  • Brush up on their interview skills and create their own job search strategies

This program is designed to help you increase your attractiveness to potential employers as we help you prepare for the full reopening of the treasury recruitment market in July, September or… whenever it eventually happens!

Our aim is to get you ‘match fit’ over the next six weeks, ready to bounce into the 2020 job market with an advantage over the other candidates who don’t take part in this program!

Each week, we are going to set you some goals and individual challenges.

We are going to support you with video content, both from existing sources and some brand-new videos we’ll be recording especially for the program.

We will host a regular weekly Zoom assessment webinar, during which we will talk through the challenges we have set and how you found them and how you have reacted. We will celebrate some of the wins, and then set next week’s challenge.

So, from now through to June, we want to be able to give you the tools you need to help you make your next treasury career move a successful one.

Please join me and the team on the next part of your treasury career journey and just sign up for the program.

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The Treasury Recruitment Market: What’s the Situation During COVID-19 Lockdown?

Hello, treasury professionals, we’re back!

Well, we haven’t really been away (after all, where would we go in this locked-down world?) but we haven’t been as active online as we usually are.

Over the past few weeks, since lockdown began, millions of additional people have become more active on social media channels, particularly LinkedIn. One of the unfortunate side-effects of this has been a deluge of crap content. People have been publishing content because they can, because they have the time, instead of because it’s something they feel would add value to their audience. This might seem harsh, particularly to the new content creators out there, but it’s the truth.