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Candidate Coaching Program

We have created a FREE “Bounce Back” candidate coaching program aimed at helping treasury professionals to:

  • Assess their current skillsets
  • Define their career aims, goals and target compensation packages
  • Improve their CVs / resumés
  • Develop their social media profiles – specifically LinkedIn
  • Brush up on their interview skills and create their own job search strategies

This program is designed to help you increase your attractiveness to potential employers!

Our aim is to get you ‘match fit’, ready to find your next treasury role with an advantage over the other candidates who do not take part in this program!

Each week, we set you goals and individual challenges.

  • We support you with video content, both from existing sources and some brand-new videos we have recorded especially for the program
  • We want to give you the tools you need to make your next treasury career move a successful one
  • We are here to support you through your treasury journey so call us anytime!

Here’s what some of the previous participants said;

“The program provided additional insights and suggestions for job search and interviewing process changes.  But, probably the most valuable impacts of the program were little tidbits, recommendations, and ideas on improving job search materials, from the resume to the LinkedIn profile.  Specific to me, I did receive great feedback and direction on areas to focus on when researching the company and interviewers, prior to a scheduled interview.”

Jim, Corporate Treasurer, USA

“The bounce back program is unique and very comprehensive program that not only helps job seekers but also goes beyond that to help Treasury professionals to create their professional brand. It builds on gradually, starting with gap identification, and formulation of personal and professional goals to culminate with guidance on branding, presentation, and greater online presence.

The program is one of a kind and I would highly recommend it.”

Dimitri, Treasury Director – Capital Markets, USA

“A ground-breaking initiative & highly structured all-round treasury career development program covering job search and a lot more – A ‘Labour of LOVE’ by Mike Richards & Co.  I especially appreciated the precious comradeship & good humour which rendered the necessary hard work no longer needed to be done all alone and even fun.  BRAVO!”

Kam, Treasury Operations Manager, UK

“I wanted to thank you and your team for the Bounce Back program, very insightful and it has been also very helpful to keep the treasury community close and in high spirits during this lockdown period.”

Isabella, Treasury Consultant, Italy

“I found the program extremely interesting and at the same time well designed!”

Vincenzo, Netherlands

“Thank you for the sessions so far, really good, pragmatic feedback on CVs, and interesting to hear the latest views on how they are perceived in the market.”
Julie, Group Treasurer

“That was another great session. Thank you so much for the last six weeks, navigating us through something we don’t get taught during our career. I have a lot to implement and build on.”

Theresa, Head of Treasury, UK


Please join me and the team on the next part of your treasury career journey and sign up for the program TODAY!

We look forward to seeing you there, regards

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The Outlook For Treasury Recruitment – Post COVID


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