The State of the US Treasury Recruitment Market with Craig Martin

We’re bringing you something a little different in this episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast, where I interview our very own Craig Martin about the current state of the US Treasury recruitment market.

It’s more of a quick-fire interview session, so you’ll need to hold onto your hats for this one!

16th Nov 18

#014: The State of the US Treasury Recruitment Market with Craig Martin

with Mike Richards

Craig Martin is the Director of The Treasury Recruitment Company (US) and he was previously the Senior Executive Advisor at The NeuGroup. Craig is highly experienced in financial markets, corporate treasury and finance.

He’s your go-to guy for corporate treasury recruitment in the USA and a core member of our team. Whether you want to hire a treasury professional or you’re seeking advice about your next treasury career move, Craig is the man to speak to!

On the podcast we discussed…

  • The current state of the US Treasury Recruitment Market
  • Why companies looking to hire new treasury talent need to consider the tight labour market and give candidates enough reason to want to work for them
  • Active roles for which the US team are currently seeking appropriate candidates • Highlights from the AFP 2018 Conference
  • The importance of establishing a career plan
  • Why you should work on your personal brand and professional legacy
  • An insight into Corrie Shanahan’s book, “Do It, Mean It, Be It: The Keys to Achieve Success, Happiness and Everything You Deserve at Work and in Life” (…)
  • Advice for people who are thinking about making a treasury career move
  • Much more!

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Treasury Talks – Strength in people: building effective teams

Today’s treasury demands a whole new set of skills alongside the traditional ones. How do you build a strategic treasury?

What are the key characteristics you should look for in new hires and existing team members?

How does the best practice treasury of tomorrow alter the staff mix you may be used to?

How do you imbue the right culture in treasury?

In this video from the EuroFinance conference Mike discusses these topics in more detail.

How To Write a Great Job Description That Helps You Successfully Recruit a Superstar!

I originally titled this article as “Writing the Perfect Job Description” but I had the niggling feeling I get when I know something is wrong.

I call it the itch at the “back of my head” moment.

Why? Because I knew I wasn’t being honest with you!!!

I have been recruiting for the past 25 years and most of the job descriptions I read are pretty poor….

So let’s start with our goals in mind.

Goal 1 – A potential candidate is interested enough in your company to read your job advertisement.

Goal 2 – They read the job advert is read by them and they decide to apply for the role.

Goal 3 – You send them the Job Description, they read it and decide to progress…..

Goal 4 – They are interviewed for job, they are the best applicant they get offered and accept the job.

OK there are a few more bits but you get the idea.

So as the recruitment market booms back into life, competition for candidates has never been fiercer.

OK how do you engage?

How do you present the role?

It’s easy,


A well written job description saves time in the recruitment process as it helps candidates, hiring managers and recruitment consultants to be clear about the requirements of the role. If done well it will attract candidates quicker and of a higher quality than you have previously recruited.

Your job description needs to describe the demands of the job and paint a picture of the job, so make the picture bright!

Explain why the job exists and its relationship to organisation’s objectives and why you would want to do the role.

The main duties and responsibilities and how the job relates to those of others in the organisation can be described by keeping in mind why these duties will help the company and how the individual will make a contribution.

Download the Job description checklist