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Unleashing Your Curiosity in Treasury with Joe Meyer

In this episode, host Mike Richards is joined by Joe Meyer, the Partner and Co-Founder at Claritas Financial LLC, an advisory firm specializing in tax, finance, and treasury for business owners and executives.  Joe has decades of experience in treasury and corporate finance, and he shares his journey and expertise in the podcast.


About this episode

The episode begins with Joe discussing his career transition from banking to corporate treasury at FMC Corporation, where he was involved in cash management for international subsidiaries. He then moved to FMC Technologies, a spin-off from FMC Corporation, where he played a key role in establishing the corporate treasury department and managing the spin-off process. We discuss the importance of understanding the different functions within treasury and how they impact each other.

The conversation also touches on Joe’s experience as treasurer at JBT Corporation, another spin-off from FMC Technologies, where he consolidated various treasury functions and managed the corporate insurance program. He highlights the need for treasury professionals to be curious, pay attention to detail, and constantly seek opportunities to bring value to the organization.

Joe then shares his transition from treasury to consulting, where he continues to work with multinational companies and make a meaningful impact by guiding clients through the intricacies of treasury, tax, and finance. His wealth of experience, combined with a genuine dedication to his clients’ success, positions him as a trusted advisor in the ever-evolving landscape of corporate finance.

Listeners can expect to learn about:

  • Joe’s career transition from banking to corporate treasury
  • The challenges and opportunities in managing treasury functions
  • The importance of curiosity and attention to detail
  • Transitioning from treasury to consulting
  • The value of developing relationships within and outside the organization to better understand the organization’s needs and provide strategic solutions.

You can connect with Joe Meyer on LinkedIn.

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