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From Finance to Treasury: A Journey of Growth and Innovation with Jori McCuskey

In this episode, host Mike Richards is joined by Jori McCuskey, the Director of Treasury at Magnite, Inc. a global leader in digital advertising and streaming television.


About this episode

Jori joined Magnite in 2021 where he has focused on helping to develop and scale how the company does treasury as it continues on its growth trajectory.

Before joining Magnite, Jori gained the majority of his treasury experiences in tech in a variety of capacities at Symantec, Dell Technologies and Dell’s customer financing subsidiary Dell Financial Services.

Collectively, he has helped manage complex global capital structures, M&A financing packages & capital return programs; run FX & rate hedging programs; and completed treasury management systems implementations, banking service transitions and M&A integrations.

This episode delves into Jori’s career journey, starting from his interest in technology and finance during his college years at the University of Texas. He shares his experiences working in consulting and his transition into the treasury world at Dell. Jori highlights the importance of his technical skills, such as data analysis and legal contract reading, in his roles in treasury.

The conversation then moves to Jori’s time at Symantec, where he faced the challenge of returning capital to shareholders and managing the company’s financing needs. He emphasizes the value of understanding the complexities of different areas within finance and the importance of collaboration between teams.

Jori also discusses his current role at Magnite, where he joined during the company’s acquisition of SpotX. He explains the focus on automation and scalability in treasury operations and the need for resourceful individuals who can navigate data and systems.

What listeners can expect:

  • Insights into the evolving role of treasury in the digital advertising industry
  • Discussion on the challenges of managing capital structure
  • Advice on the importance of continuous learning and growth in one’s career.

You can connect with Jori McCuskey on LinkedIn.

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