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27th February

The State of the USA Treasury Recruitment Market with Joe Grabowski

In this episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast, host Mike Richards is joined by Joe Grabowski, Executive Consultant, US Treasury, to discuss the current state of the US treasury recruitment market and the shift towards hybr...
Joe Grabowski
25 min listen Joe Grabowski
27th February

Treasury Market Review of UK, Europe and the USA

Get the latest update on the treasury market from experts in the UK, Europe, and the US in this week’s Treasury Career Corner podcast. In this episode, we have Craig Perkins, who heads up our UK division, Katie Hardie, who l...
Mike Richards
53 min listen Mike Richards
13th February

The Rise of Hybrid Work and AI in Treasury Careers with Mike Richards

In this special episode, our CEO & Founder of The Treasury Recruitment Company, Mike Richards is in the hot seat as he chats with Craig Jeffery from Strategic Treasurer for their Treasury Update Podcast about the evolving worl...
Craig Jeffery
28 min listen Craig Jeffery
30th January

Digitalization & AI: Transforming Treasury in the Luxury Industry

On the Treasury Career Corner podcast this week we interview Burak Yildirim, the Vice President and Treasurer at LVMH North America, about his treasury career and the challenges and opportunities in the luxury industry. With a bac...
Burak Yildirim
37 min listen Burak Yildirim
23rd January

Navigating the Path from Treasury to CFO

Join us this week on the Treasury Career Corner podcast for this special revisited episode, as we reconnect with Sam Pallotta, who has transitioned from being a Treasurer to a CFO at Russo Development. Sam was first on the show ba...
Sam Pallotta
45 min listen Sam Pallotta
16th January

The Power of Lifelong Learning in Treasury

In this episode I’m delighted to be joined by Jim Kaitz, President and CEO of the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP). Jim shares with us his compelling  insights on the evolution of the treasury profession and the im...
Jim Kaitz
37 min listen Jim Kaitz

I had the privilege of doing a podcast with Mike. He is very knowledgeable about the corporate treasury space. Mike was a great host, asked insightful questions and was easy with which to work. He is a key resource should you need to recruit in the treasury world.

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