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5th July

Transitioning from Banking to Corporate Treasury with Ben Loper

Ben Loper, Senior Vice President and Corporate Treasurer at Hilton Grand Vacations, shares his journey transitioning from banking treasury to corporate treasury, emphasizing the importance of diverse experience, remote work challe...
Mike Richards
45 min listen
Mike Richards
15th March

How Gary McGuire Climbed the Treasury Career Ladder

Gary McGuire, VP and Treasurer of Dow Inc., shares valuable insights on treasury, including his career journey, integrating pension into treasury, leveraging bank relationships, and standing out in the industry, offering practical...
Mike Richards
39 min listen
Mike Richards
11th January

How to Develop Competence in Treasury with George Terziev

Developing competency in treasury involves aligning with your organization's mission, valuing continuous learning, combining specialization with experience, assessing team members based on trust and competency, and embracing oppor...
Mike Richards
34 min listen
Mike Richards
4th January

Pointers for Growth Within Treasury with Paul Hussey

Discover valuable insights from Paul Hussey, Corporate Treasury at SABIC, on building a successful career in treasury, emphasizing the importance of diverse experience, adaptability, and a strong foundation in fundamental treasury...
Mike Richards
35 min listen
Mike Richards
9th November

Finding New Routes into Treasury with Frank Waechter

Frank Waechter, Global Director Treasury & Insurance at PUMA Group, shares his accidental path into treasury, emphasizing the value of mid-office roles to transition into treasury, his focus on hiring existing company employee...
Mike Richards
39 min listen
Mike Richards
21st September

How to Always Move Forward in Your Treasury Career with Oliver Gygax

Oliver Gygax, Head of Group Treasury at EMS Group, shares insights on his diverse career journey spanning traditional and online banking to treasury, emphasizing the importance of gaining varied experiences, adapting to different...
Mike Richards
31 min listen
Mike Richards

I had the privilege of doing a podcast with Mike. He is very knowledgeable about the corporate treasury space. Mike was a great host, asked insightful questions and was easy with which to work. He is a key resource should you need to recruit in the treasury world.

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