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Employer Advice
13th Apr 23

How is AI transforming financial and treasury management?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already having a significant impact on not only the treasury sector, but the financial world. Everyone from banks and building societies to insurance companies and p...
Candidate Advice, Employer Advice
7th Jul 22

Is remote working in Treasury management here to stay

Rewind two- and a-bit years to March 2020 and the pandemic forced everyone in Treasury and finance to pick up their belongings, vacate the office and start working remotely from home. There has bee...
Employer Advice
31st Oct 20

Why choose The Treasury Recruitment Company?

‘Mike knows my achievements and the clients who need me.’ An interview with Stephen Long; Ex Group Treasurer, Williams Lea Tag How did you and Mike Richards, CEO of The Treasury Recruitment Co...
Candidate Advice, Employer Advice
20th Oct 20

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

You have a LinkedIn profile: Now what? You created a profile on LinkedIn, so you probably think your skills and experience speak for themselves. Here’s the thing – they don’t! I was ver...

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