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Learn about the careers of over 290 of the world’s leading Treasury professionals.

Every week, Mike talks to guests about how they have built their careers, where they are now and where they see both themselves and the treasury profession going to next.

Now reaching over 130k downloads, don't just listen, immerse yourself in these remarkable stories, and discover where the treasury world is heading next.

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Episode 290

Linda Dixon

Linda Dixon headshot

Mastering the Automotive Treasury Landscape with Linda Dixon

In this episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast we talk to Linda Dixon, Director of Treasury at Multimatic, Inc.

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Episode 289

Martin Hoad

Martin Hoad  headshot

Navigating Treasury in the Energy Sector with Martin Hoad

In this episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast we talk to Martin Hoad, Group Treasurer at Centrica, a leading energy services and solutions provider.

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Episode 288

Kenny Nielsen

Kenny Nielsen headshot

The Role of AI in Driving Change in Treasury with Kenny Nielsen

In this episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast, Kenny Nielsen, Treasurer at Twoday Group, shares his career journey and discusses the role of technology in driving change in the treasury pro...

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Episode 287

Sander van Tol

Sander van Tol headshot

Shaping the Future of Treasury Consulting with Sander van Tol

In this episode, we chat to Sander van Tol, a Partner at Zanders, a financial performance partner to the world’s most dynamic organizations, about his career in corporate treasury and the growth ...

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Episode 286

Tim Muindi

Tim Muindi headshot

The Power of Relationships in Treasury with Tim Muindi

In this episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast, we catch up with Tim Muindi, Treasurer at ServiceNow. Tim shares his route into treasury, the career moves he has made and his advice for othe...

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Episode 285

Shailesh Bettadapur

Shailesh Bettadapur headshot

Reshaping Treasury Careers in a Post-Pandemic Era with Shailesh Bettadapur

In this revisited episode of the Treasury Career Corner podcast, we catch up with Shailesh Bettadapur, the Treasurer and Vice President of Investor Relations for Mohawk Industries, Inc,

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Episode 284

Forrest Cebold

Forrest Cebold headshot

Networking Secrets and Career Growth in Treasury with Forrest Cebold

In this special episode of the Treasury Career Corner Podcast, we are delving back into our archives to revisit an insightful conversation with Forrest Cebold, the Treasurer at Freeport LNG.

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Episode 283

Oliver Gygax

Oliver Gygax headshot

How to Advance Your Treasury Career with Oliver Gygax

In this captivating episode of The Treasury Career Corner we revisit episode 171 with Oliver Gygax now the Treasurer at Asendia, a global leader in international e-commerce and mail.

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Episode 282

Thomas Balish

Thomas Balish headshot

Empowering Newcomers to the World of Treasury with Thomas Balish

In this special edition of the Treasury Career Corner podcast, we revisit episode 184 for a re-run episode with Tom Balish, now the Global Treasurer and Executive Director at Boston Consulting Group.

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Robert Lau, Treasurer and Head of Real Estate + Workplace at Informatica

I had a great experience talking about my career with Mike and his audience. Mike’s forum is a great tool to gain insight on the profession for people starting their career or wanting to learn more about Treasury. Mike is a great host and facilitator and the podcast felt like a conversation among friends in a neighbourhood pub

Vasu Reddy, Director Treasury at PwC Dubai

An amazing Treasury laser focused interview with Mike discussing the Global Treasury challengers and solutions while highlighting your career progressions. Great to listen and learn from fellow Treasury Professionals the world over.

Steve Beckley, Assistant Treasurer at Ranger Oil Corporation

I had the privilege of doing a podcast with Mike. He is very knowledgeable about the corporate treasury space. Mike was a great host, asked insightful questions and was easy with which to work. He is a key resource should you need to recruit in the treasury world.

Steve Rosenthal, Global Treasurer and Managing Director at Broadridge

A truly great experience chatting with Mike Richards on the Treasury Career Corner podcast. Was so good, I did it twice! Mike is a great host and subject matter expert. This is a must listen.

Jan Beukes, Group Treasurer, MultiChoice Group Ltd

I had such a fantastic time as a guest on the show! It is an excellent initiative that gives a behind-the-scenes peak at how many people started their careers in Treasury and some of the challenges we face as professionals.

Long may it continue! Definitely worthwhile to listen to. Keep up the excellent work Mike and team!

Topi Jokiranta, CFO of Rettig Group

Such an exciting experience with the Treasury Career Corner podcast.

Thanks Mike, always good to reflect back on the past couple of years. If you have a chance, do participate.

George Sawtell, Group Treasurer, Dept Agency

Mike is a natural, he’s a well-versed treasury podcast host. Recording was straightforward and enjoyable.

I have always been interested in fellow treasurer’s experiences and learning from them. It’s great to be part of the treasury community and share knowledge.

Chris Corner, Head of Treasury, Kingfisher plc

Being a podcast guest was straightforward & enjoyable, sample questions helped me to prepare my key messages. I was even sent the recording to review ahead of its release, providing me with the reassurance I needed to make any changes I wanted to, I never needed too!

Thanks to Mike & the team for my first experience of a podcast it was great!

Forrest Cebold, Treasurer, Freeport LNG

Mike’s treasury podcasts fill a definite void in the treasury networking landscape. He gathers valuable information from a diverse group of seasoned treasury professionals with real world and applicable experience.

I recommend the podcasts for anyone wanting to improve their chances of obtaining their next opportunity.

Jim Portalatin, Vice President of Global Treasury and FX, Methode Electronics

Initially I was hesitant as I had never been on a podcast before but Mike was a great host and it ended up being a great experience.

I continue to listen to the show as it’s a great source of information for navigating a successful treasury career.